About Us

where creativity meets opportunities

Since 1975, we have provided the highest quality products to our Customers around the world. We attach the utmost attention to quality. This approach let us perfectly fit even in the most sophisticated requirements. What distinguishes us mostly, is endless development of the creativity that allows us to expand and refine our wide range offer. So, we can confidently call ourselves the marzipan market leader, both in Poland and in the world.

— Zygmunt Dudek, founder of Bako Marzipan


We have been with You for almost 40 years.

Bako Marzipan for decades produce exclusive marzipan products for our Customers. As a marzipan producer, we are the only one such a large company in Poland.

A well-established position in the market and developed distribution network make Bako Marzipan a reliable partner, which is worth to work with. To meet the demands of our Customers and ensure the fastest and fully professional orders execution, we employ more than 200 employees who - with their solid, fair work and commitment - build the image of our company.